Shoot the Messenger promo

Lucas new Canadian drama Shoot the messenger airs on CBC on Oct 10th

Heres the 60 sec preview:

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Lucas in another Hallmark movie called Summer Love which airs AUG 20th, THERE ISNT A PREVIEW TO THE MOVIE YET BUT HOPEFULLY YOU SPREAD THE WORD TO WATCH SUMMER LOVE.


When a widowed suburban mom, who’s recently gone back to school, takes an internship and enters the fast-paced tech world of millionaire “app-trepreneurs,” she discovers that although life seems to be a lot more digital, love needs to be a lot more real. Starring Rachael Leigh Cook, Lucas Bryant, and Travis Milne.


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On set Shoot the messenger

Lucas is in a new series called Shoot the messenger on CBC and certain guest stars have posted on set shenanigans

@TravisMilne(Instagram) known for works on Saving Hope and Rookie Blue is guest starring on a upcoming episode


@thelucasbryant Just trying out our new shirts…

A video posted by @travismilne on

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42nd Saturn Award event


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Lucas Bryant Talks Tulips in Spring, Haven, and More

Here at TV Goodness, we claim our favorites, and if you’ve read me a while, you know how I feel about Lucas Bryant. Color me stoked when the Haven alum popped up in the cast list for a new Hallmark Channel movie, Tulips in Spring. which premieres this Saturday at 9/8c. I recently chatted with Bryant one-on-one about the film, Haven‘s conclusion, his recent film release, The Girl King, and his upcoming Canadian series, Shoot the Messenger.

Tulips in Spring marked a return to work for Bryant after a nice break. Shoot the Messenger wrapped in Toronto late last year and then, after an annual trip to Australia for the holidays, he took some time to hang out with his family. When Hallmark came calling, he was happy to go back to work, and even happier to switch gears to a romantic comedy.

“I got sent the script and I read it and thought it was lovely and that was that. It was a 14-day shoot in and around Vancouver, where I hadn’t been in a while, so that was nice,” he says. “We were in beautiful locations so that was gorgeous. I play Tom, who is working at the family farm of Rose, who’s gone back to help her parents. He re-introduces and re-inspires her to get in touch with her true self. He helps her see that she could be part of her family life again.”

The film was a nice change of pace after five seasons of Haven, followed by another drama in Shoot the Messenger. “It was cool to be able to smile and have a good time, not that my previous characters don’t have a good time, but this guys is much more relaxed and easy and comfortable,” he explains. “There’s definitely a genre thing that Hallmark has expertly developed over the years, but I think the thing to hold onto as an actor is just that there’s a lot of heart, and if you can get to the heart of things, you’ll be right where they need you to be.”

to read the rest of the interview check out tvgoodness

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Tulips in spring stills


thumb_lb2 thumb_lb1 thumb_lb5 thumb_lb10


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1-on-1 with Uncharted’s Emily Rose

Titanium_22 on youtube has done a 6 part interview with Emily who talks about working on Uncharted 4 and whats to come. Check out the clips below and enjoy, I will add the interview caps shortly.

1 on 1 part 1(Acting History)

1 on one part 2(Erose’s Gaming History)

1 on one part 3(Landing the role of “Elena Fisher”)

1 on one part 4(Working on the Uncharted games)

1 on one part 5(Erose talks Uncharted 4)

1 on one part 6(Rapid Fire)

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Lucas new movie Tulips in Spring Hallmark Movie

Looks like Lucas has been busy with a Hallmark movie called Tulips in SPring and a movie he filmed a while back with Emily which can be found on youtube but at a price. Tulip in spring can be seen on the Hallmark Channel May 14th.

Heres the preview for the movie:

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Emily talks Uncharted 4

Finally something new this year mainly for Emily Rose, she finished working on the Uncharted 4 playstation game and playstation on youtube gave insight in the game and the actors and the team behind it.

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Sorry late postings

Its been a while and Im sorry for that but I got the gallery images working in the side bar so people can see the images as there being uploaded. I still havent figured out how to get the older version of the gallery to work for some reason so been reuploading what I can.

I know the show has ended but I hope you keep following the actors as they do other works now that the series ended after 5 amazing years on syfy channel.

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