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I know the show has ended but I hope you keep following the actors as they do other works now that the series ended after 5 amazing years on syfy channel.

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Colin Ferguson Returns to Haven Tonight on Syfy

Article from Scifivision

The actor couldn’t reveal much about what has happened to his character between then and now, but he does play an important part in the final season. “I can’t tell you what he’s been up to, because it’s a big reveal…but I’m in more than one episode. It’s a huge plot point for both Lucas’s character and mine, so it’s not a throw away thing. It’s part of the mythology, which is fantastic. And I had a lot of fun shooting it.”

William is still out for himself. “He’s still scared of Croatoan; he’s not in cahoots with him; thats not what’s going on. You know, he might inadvertently end up helping [either side]. He still has his own agenda, so he might do things that would help other people, but that’s always been his M.O.: one action might help you, but it’s not really the intent of it. But I have to say, there is a growth in the character that happens over the two episodes that are about to come, which is great. I’ll leave it to you to see what that is, but it does affect his decision making.”

Another surprise that Ferguson revealed was that he interacts with Rose as a new character. “I can tell you there’s a new Emily Rose character. It’s just sort of crazy when you’re on set, and she’s like, ‘Right, um, what’s this one?’ because she’s played so many.”

Theres lot more to the article where he talks about directing last weeks episode Colin reveals

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tv insider reveals Haven: Who Killed the Colorado Kid? and more

Spoiler alert! Do not read further if you haven’t seen Thursday’s episode of Haven—unless you want Croatoan to come after you.

As Haven barrels towards its series finale, the show has quickly begun answering long-standing questions, culminating in Thursday’s big episode, which finally answered one of the show’s biggest questions: Who killed the Colorado Kid (AKA James Cogan)?

“When you know you’re comingHaven Colorado Kid towards the end point, your goal is to make sure you’re paying everything off,” explains showrunner Matt McGuinness. “This is the episode [where] we recreate the iconic photograph.”

The episode kicks off with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Vince (Richard Donat) going back in time, with the help of Stuart Mosely’s Trouble, to the day James was killed. Once there, Vince tries to keep Dave away from the beach, but unfortunately for the pair, Dave does make his way to the beach, even passing through a thinnie…thus allowing Croatoan to jump into his body. Possessed by the otherworldly being, Dave kills James before using his powers to knock out all the witnesses—including Dave himself. Meanwhile, Nathan bonded with his father before discovering that a member of the Colton family can use his ring or Audrey’s rings to use their Trouble to open a temporary “thinnie.” Armed with this new information, both Nathan and Vince return to the present.

Below, McGuinness and his fellow showrunner, Gabrielle Stanton, discuss meeting Lucy, Dave’s connection to Croatoan and finally answering series-long questions.

The mystery of who killed the Colorado Kid has always been a big part of the show. Did you always know that it was Dave who killed him?
Stanton: We always knew that Dave was involved. From the very beginning, Vince and Dave were a much bigger part of the show than you would have suspected in those early seasons. A lot of that construct came from Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn when they were conceiving the series. That’s why it was so perfect when we were able to grab them to write this episode, because they were able to go back to the start and tell the background of the story that we’ve been telling for the last five years.
McGuinness: The short answer to your question is, yeah, we knew Dave killed the Colorado Kid. I’m not sure if we knew from the first season, but we’ve known it for the last three or four seasons.


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Inside Scoop: HAVEN’s Emily Rose & Adam Copeland Talk Final Season (Part 2)

Here is part two of the interview with Haven’s Emily Rose and Adam Copeland.

Haven returns to Syfy October 8th, 10-11 p.m. ET.

At the beginning of the season, Dwight makes a pretty big decision that affects the whole town. What was itlike to have Dwight assume a leadership role in such a very big way?

Adam Copeland: That was huge from a personal standpoint just to be reading the scripts and going, “Whoa, are you sure you want me to do that?” There were moments where I was like, “You guys know that you wrote that for me, right?” I just want to make sure that’s clear and so that was huge. What for me it was I guess a validation or a confirmation like OK I’m working towards a goal here and it must be working. So that was great from a personal standpoint. From a creative standpoint those are the things you want. You just you want to dig your teeth into that and it’s like, OK three page monologue. We did a scene that was all action for about eight hours of the day because it was Shawn Piller. So by the time we got to that monologue, I had done two takes at it. So and I had a – I was the kind of thread throughout the action scene too with all these different players, so I really couldn’t concentrate on it as much as I would have wanted to. So it was a huge challenge and it was great because it was so much fun. It was fun you know and it was pivotal and those are the challenges that I realized that I want. Whereas in season two when old Dwight first showed up, that would have petrified me. So it was great to grow into that and be in such a pivotal spot to help kind of push the story along. And it was also written in the script that Dwight drops the mic. So it was actually written in that way too.

Do you have any favorite moments or arcs that you can share with us or is it something that we haven’t seen yet over the course of the series?

Emily Rose: Favorite arcs and moments… I really enjoyed playing Lucy this season. And one of my favorite, I would, say creative actor moments was being able to work with Lucas as a director on his episode that he directed, which was episode 517. It was such a –it was just like a […] moment to watch something that your friend has wanted to do for so long and then to watch him succeed epically at it. Was really, really, really fun. So that whole experience, Audrey was – how do I put this without spoiling anything? It’s kind of a very heightened surreal episode that isn’t necessarily based so much on reality. So it was really, really cool to watch everything that Lucas had to prep and to be involved in that for him to act in it. And then to be able to take directions from somebody that you have such a great vocabulary with and then be able to work so well with and watch the whole crew come behind him and support him. And then also have some of the most killer shots we had the whole season, done on his episode because.

It was just a really, really cool experience all around. So that was really neat. And I think even like one of – again I think even one of his good friends, Tim was working on that episode as well. So it was just really – it was a really cool, it was just really a neat experience. And then I think also the end of the series, you just want to do such a good job and you want to do your characters justice and you want to do the story justice, and you want to feel fulfilled and that people will feel fulfilled. You’re just so freaking nostalgic with everybody that you – but that was a really sweet memory as well. So yes.

For part two of the interview: HERE

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Inside Scoop: HAVEN’s Emily Rose & Adam Copeland Talk Final Season (Part 1)

Finally people that have interviewed the cast of Haven have been rolloing out their interviews starting with Emily and Adam.

Syfy’s Haven is ending this season, bringing to a close one of the more original shows on the network. OHSOGRAY participated on a press call this week with Emily Rose and Adam Copeland, who talked about what fans can look forward to and what memories they take away from their five years on the show. Here is part one of their interview.

Haven returns to Syfy October 8th, 10-11 p.m. ET.

How are these events of the first few epsiodes going to affect your characters moving forward as well as the relationship with each other?

Emily Rose: Wow. I was telling Adam earlier– we were sort of talking about how we’re having to brush off the old like memory of what — where last year was and for us because we filmed it so long ago. But I think like I really liked how, I don’t know if chaotic is the right word, but that’s how it felt to me filming it not necessarily the experience, but the story of it, how you know we start this world of Haven off in this sort of mass chaos. It’s really kind of neat because instead of the chaos like pushing people away, it’s kind of, it’s drawing them together. Maybe with the exception I don’t know of you, Adam, of your character felt kind of the responsibility to kind of hold it all together and you step into kind of this new great role, obviously, with Dwight. But I feel like between Nathan and Audrey it kind of causes them to be super close and, obviously, like I think that the town as a whole is trying to band together to kind of get through that, kind of, chaotic sense of disruption if that makes any sense.

Adam Copeland: Yes, I think – I think the chaos you know it lends itself to Dwight just trying to hold everything together and in doing that ruffles feathers, ruffles the feathers of friends, ruffles the, you know, the feathers of not necessarily enemies but, you know, the Dukes of the world. But at the end of the day, Dwight is always just trying to keep the town together. That’s really all the guy cares about. So it’s interesting, you know? There can be heads butting because of that. It was interesting to the relationship of partnership and, you know, the grand scheme of keeping the town together can also cause butting of heads. So it was a lot of fun for me personally, yes.

You can read the rest of the interview HERE

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5B stills

There are some episode stills for the first two episodes of Haven 5B called 514 – New World Order and 515 – Power in the gallery thanks to spoiler tv.

thumb_NUP_163902_0086_FULL thumb_NUP_163902_0113_FULL thumb_NUP_163903_0061_FULL thumb_NUP_163903_0181_FULL

– Haven > SEASON 05 > Episode Stills > 514 – New world order
Haven > SEASON 05 > Episode Stills > 515 – Power

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Goodbye to Haven??

Looks like it is really official that Haven has been canceled by syfy.

You’ve laughed. You’ve cried. You’ve watched the misadventures of Audrey/Sarah/Mara/Lucy, Duke, Nathan, Dwight, the brothers Teagues and more from Haven, Maine as they battle (or manipulate) “The Troubles” and all of the superhuman hijinx that accompanies them. But now it’s time for Haven’s story to come to an end. The last 13 episodes of Season 5 – starting October 8 at 10/9c – will be the show’s last.

The continuation for Season 5 will not disappoint. Once new episodes resume (on October 8 at 10/9c in case you forgot), Haven is going to start barreling towards a finale that, we are confident, will leave everyone feeling satisfied. And we’re saying that because we’ve watched it not just because its something we are supposed to say it. Showrunner Gabrielle Stanton has said that the creative team was always prepared for the end, and that the finale that’s planned for Haven is the best that they could have possibly done it. So, moral of the story, there IS a definitive ending.

Haven we salute you, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of Season 5 has in store.


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